transforming identities.

bauchplan ).(

bauchplan).( develops identities. for over 20 years we cultivate values in open design procedures in our transdisciplinary collective in our studios in munich and vienna.

our work aims to create and open up spaces of a maximum of possibilities.

we approach new tasks at the interface between space, society and environment. in a prototypical and often ludic way we are always looking for the specific in daily life and try to keep an unbiased view from outside.
we understand designing and using as ways of interpreting locations in different phases. the implemented result is directly linked to the specific production process. the aim is developing and realising spaces with a maximum of possibilities.

awarded key projects are the mur river bridge between bad radkersburg (a) and gornja radgona (si), the chapponière-park in bern wankdorf (ch), the habsburger platz in munich, the refurbishment of the bahnhofsstrasse in böblingen (de) near stuttgart into a pedestrian zone in a participatory process, the campus in grafenau (de), the residential environment of wagnisart in munich as well as the willy-brandt-platz in mannheim, designed as a climate entrée.


we have more than 20 years of international experience in the elaboration of surveys and assessments, local development concepts, project planning (also as general contractors) and consulting services. we are also coordinating and moderating partcicipatory projects and researching on urban landscapes and boundaries.

on request of our clients we overtake the monitoring of construction works through all projects phases, if required with local professional partners.

We see ourselves as mediators between open space and society. Our mission of designing in a transdisciplinary and hybrid way demands the combination of ideal tools: Participatory urban exploring walks are used as an analyzing tool, digital and physical models help us to improve our drafts in all scales. customised object designs serve as protoypes. The final project implementation is supported by modern hardware and software techniques (BIM) as well as standardised procedures in cost controlling and deadline management.

Our munich office operates as a networking centre and workshop for experiments while the viennese studio broadens the handcrafting spectrum with innovative developments and design-based research. We act like a think tank for our clients and follow the spaces we design and their future users even beyond project completion.

We participate successfully in open and invited competitions and peer review processes with international participants for transformation processes of social relevance.


marie theres okresek

landscape architect, (univ.)

1992-1996 hblva für gartengestaltung vienna-schönbrunn
1996-2001 landscape architecture tu munich-weihenstephan (D) and at universidade de évora (pt)
2001 diploma at prof. c. valentien, thesis "sinneswandel - ein experiment an der alten zuschauertribüne in münchen-riem" awarded by the union of german landscape architects

freelance activities
1997-2003 freelance at burger landschaftsarchitekten munich, brigitte mang, vienna, keller landschaftsarchitekten, munich, espe landschaftsarchitektur, bolzano
2001 founding bauchplan ).( munich
2004 second location bauchplan ).( vienna

membership and juror activities
2005 member of the bavarian chamber of architects. byak nr. 180.643
2005 member of the austrian architecture federation . vienna
since 2015 juror
since 2017 part of the executive board austrian architecture federation, vienna
since 2018 part of the building culture policy platform
since 2018 advisory council for design of the city of innsbruck
since 2019 member of the austrian federal chamber of architects and chartered engineering consultants
since 2021 advisory council for design of the seestadt aspern, vienna

awards and scholarships
2008 margarete schütte-lihotzky scholarship of the austrian federal ministry for education, art and culture
2016 german prize for urban development for the project wagnisArt
2016 prize for building culture in the municipality of allgäu for the development concept in holzgünz (d)

2006-2007 lectureship for landscape architecture and design at the the university of natural resources and life sciences, vienna
lectures and critics for universities of linz, graz, vienna, munich, coburg, kassel, rapperswil and stuttgart

marie-theres okresek
born 1976 in vienna
lives and works in munich and vienna

11/2004 birth of zara
06/2007 birth of yanis und quirin
07/2012 birth of leander
06/2020 birth of finn
t. 0043 1 9291333

tobias baldauf

landscapearchitect and urban planner . (univ.)

1986-1993 wittelsbacher gymnasium munich
1993-1994 ernst-mach-gymnasium, haar
1995-1996 civil service
1996-2001 landscape architecture tu munich-weihenstephan
2001 diploma at professor c. valentien

freelance activities
1997-2002 freelance at valentien + valentien, weßling
2001 founding bauchplan ).( munich
2004 second location bauchplan ).( vienna

memebership and juror activities
since 2004 member of the bavarian chamber of architects, munich
since 2008 member of the syndicate for architecture, vienna
since 2009 member of the young academy of fine arts, berlin
since 2017 member of the federation of german landscape architects (BDLA)
since 2017 member of the federation of german landscape architects baveria
since 2019 member of the german sustainable building council

awards and scholarships
2004 schinkelpreis of the jury for bauchplan with h.böttger and j. drexler
2008 margarete schütte-lihotzky scholarship of the austrian federal ministry for education, art and culture
2009 scholarship of the academy of fine arts, berlin, department of architecture
2016 german prize for urban development for the project wagnisArt
2016 prize for building culture in the municipality of allgäu for the development concept in holzgünz (d)

2001- 2003 research assistant at the chair for planning and building in rural areas at professor m. reichenbach-klinke, tu munich
2003-2005 research assistant at the chair for landscape architecture and public space, vice professor s.burger, vice professor s.helleckes tu munich
2005 lectureship at the lehrstuhl chair for landscape architecture and public space, tu munich
2005-2006 lectureship at the "landschaftsarchitektur und entwerfen" at the university of natural resources and life sciences, vienna
2006-2008 lectureship at the "cad in der landschaftsarchitektur " at the tu munich-weihenstephan
2006-2009 research assistent at the eth zurich, institute for landscape architecture, professor g.vogt
2015-2016 lectureship university of munich, studio stadt, prof. j.kappler

tobias baldauf
born in 1976 in munich
lives and works in munich and vienna

11/2004 birth of zara
06/2007 birth of yanis und quirin
07/2012 birth of leander
06/2020 birth of finn
t 0049 89 288 078 75

florian otto

landscapearchitect and urban planner . (univ.)
professor at university of kassel
born in 1977 in munich

1996-1997 civil service
1997-2002 landscape architecture tu munich-weihenstephan and royal veterinary+agricultural university, kopenhagen, denmark
2002 diploma at professor p. latz

freelance activities
1999-2003 freelance at burger+tischer, berlin, büro kiefer, berlin, keller landschaftsarchitekten, munich

since 2003 associate partner at bauchplan ).(

memebership and juror activities
2005 member of the bavarian chamber of architects, munich
since 2013 juror expert in germany
since 2017 member of the federation of german landscape architects (BDLA)
since 2017 member of the federation of german landscape architects baveria
since 2019 member of the german sustainable building council

2016 deutscher städtebaupreis 2016 für das projekt wagnisArt
2016 baukulturgemeindepreis allgäu für das dorfentwicklungskonzept holzgünz
2008 margarete schütte-lihotzky stipendium des österreichischen bundesministeriums für unterricht, kunkst und kultur
2012 förderpreisträger der bayerischen akademie der schönen künste

2006-2009 research assistent at the eth zurich, institute for landscape architecture, professor g.vogt
2007-2010 lecureship at tu munich, chair for rural area, professor m. reichenbauch-klinke
2010-2011 lectureship at the fh weihenstephan for urban planning
2011-2014 research assistant at the academy for fine arts, munich, chair for design and public space, professor m. auböck
2015-2016 lectureship university of munich, studio stadt, professor j.kappler
2016-2018 visiting professor for "ästhetik im landschaftsarchitektonischen entwurf", university of kassel
since 2023 university professorship "building in climate change" at the university of kassel, department of landscape architecture
t 0049 89 28807875

rupert halbartschlager

landscape architect, (univ.)
born in 1977 in steyr (aut)

1995 high school graduation
1995-1997 apprenticeship for gardening and landscape design
1997-2003 landscape architecture at the tu munich
2001-2003 philosophie at the university of vienna

freelance activities
2003-2005 freelance at landscape architect stefan schmidt, vienna
since 2005 at bauchplan ).( wien
since 2006 office manager bauchplan ).( wien
since 2007 associate partner at bauchplan ).(
2008 margarete schütte-lihotzky scholarship of the austrian federal ministry for education, art and culture

since 2008 member of the austrian architecture federation
since 2016 member of the bavarian chamber of architects, munich
since 2016 member of the austrian association for landscape planning and landscape architecture (ögla)
since 2018 board member of the building culture policy platform
since 2019 member of the german sustainable building council
since 2019 member of the austrian federal chamber of architects and chartered engineering consultants
since 2020 member of the austrian "plattform baukulturpolitik"

2006-2008 lectureship for landscape architecture and design at the the university of natural resources and life sciences, vienna
2010-2011 lectureship for the institute of architecture and landscape at the technical university of graz
t 0043 1 9291334


ernst körmer . landscape planning (
tina roj . architecture (
kay strasser . engineering-architecture (
michael franke . landscape architecture ( (parental leave)
marie baldenweck . landscape architecture (
polina palo . landscape architecture (
jonas hammerer . landscape architecture ( leave)
fernando nebot gomez . architecture (
tatjana okresek-oshima . public relations (mas)
anna stauber . landscape architecture (
wasim dery . architecture (
christine baumgartner . landscape architecture (
christoph hagenacker . landscape architecture (
felix heinze . urban and regional planning (
audrey boyer . architecture (
christoph berger . landscape architecture and planning (b.a.)
veronika faustbeck . landscape planning (
facundo ceretta . architecture (
martina bodinka . architecture and urban planning (m.a.)
pia schwarz . spacial concept and design (b.a.)
lara spieck . architecture (
anita rampetsreiter landscape architecture and planning (
paul beenen . spatial planning (
franziska jung . urbanism (
lenard venus . urban and regional planning (
mohan shiva ramakrishnan . architecture (
massimo deo . landscape architecture (
mart simisker . landscape architecture (
berke onay . architecture (
luisa mowitz . architecture (b.a.)
anna mokropova . architecture (b.a.)
theresa pflügelmeier . management by design (student)
moritz blüml . landscape architecture and planning (b.a.)
tanja dengler . architecture (
nadia thaler . socio-economics (b.a.)
ebubekir kaba . architektur (
marie oeffling . landscape architecture (
anna kollmann-suhr . landscape architecture and planning (

inactive bauchmembers
felix lüdicke, dorothee hock, barbara böhler, justina drexler, sylvain delboy, reinhard micheller, meli anderwald, kristian dahlgaard, margot deerenberg, judith rechenmacher, korbinian lechner, tobias reichert, lisa gritto, luminita tabirca, elise dauchez, thore schiller, verena beiser, nanette knoll, marta rego, loie jacotey, josua schuetz, sebastian sowa, felix schiefelbein, silvia kobel, david riek, julia sarb, anna fink, ulrich fries, mate galambos, fabian schicker, julian thomas, laura jamet, olga muskala, jorge vergara, lukas sambatano, elise matter, maria menzinger, stefanie de vos, lucas kleindienst, bernhard zingler, kristjan kohu, anais ancellin , anna gawel, sara stojakovic, elisabeth huber, eloi concalves, thorge mattuschka, stefania strouza, lisa schmied, nicol vitali, agnes feigl, peter kneidinger, georg bautz, hermine de chavanes, matthias preinknoll, junye li, sophie rehsmann, guillaume oboeuf, zoe leydet, benedikt kremsner, lucie d'heygère, anne wies, manuel stimmer, anna grube, barbora tóthóva, pia prantl, hannes lenz, léa calvignac, valentin burdloff, lou cartet-dupuy, cara frey, annika schuster, paolo fortuna, annika michel, adriana olaya rodriguez, arnaud calatayud, yasaman rahimi, abdelrahman gamil saad abdelsamie, victoria wakulicz, nicolás posso, julia merkle, veronika klotz, mengyi han, matěj čunát, bianca okresek, eleni boutsika-palles, annabel gschwandtner, jakob zefferer, ivan voskian, taylor price, livia paes-lettner, marco klebel, ruoyu chen, david rothfuss, janet kyas-reich, fan wen, julia koch, muna bata, merle ohseloff, jule rothenberger, andrea dorsch, julia ulrich, sara scheuing, simona schramm, lara klein, julia bleicher, elisabeth judmaier, konstantin heidler, alexandra lischke, ramona kröpfl, cristina romanillos, franzis schrammel, geetika kathri, nikola pohl, esraa elmashak, luisa herklotz, christina auer, kilian zengler, anja albrecht, kilian zengler, robert hirsch, larena dix, shushanta saha, jérémie tamalet, linn amelung, nora ramstein, thomas meyer, yan schiller, joshua peterson, maria magdalena winkler, loni frohnauer, alicia grandpierre, emilie rickling, zhiqing zhou, klara arzenbacher, esma yilmaz, beatrice höckl, karen riehm, ke sun, hannah peter, catherine izundu.


bauchplan ).( is a free network of registered partnership companies with limited liabilities. founded in 2001 in munich a second studio exists in vienna since 2004. between 2006 and 2009 a project office existed in zurich. currently there are up to 25 specialists in the collective from different fields like urban architecture, architecture, landscape architecture, landscpape planning and landscape ecology, sociology, engineering and art.
we are member of the bavarian chamber of architecture (, registered as landscape architects (since 2004) and urban designers (since 2007), as well as members of the syndicate for architecture, vienna (since 2005).

our munich studio is situated in severinstrasse 5 in 81541 munich (uid de 226868847).
the viennese studio has its new creative space in a former piano factory parttart since 2014, endresstrasse 18 in 1230 vienna (uid atu 58121277).


we are always keen to meet ambititous minds.
we hire trainees for at least three months.if you are intrested please send us an application with your current portfolio to mitarbeit@bauchplan mentioning your prefered studio address.


2022 polis award for communicative urban design 3rd place for agropolis munich

2021 bavarian landscape architecture award 2020 in the category "landscape architecture for children" for bürgerpark kennedywiese puchheim

2020 bigsee tourismdesign award for loop trail around jauerling summit

2018 architecture press release award urban design & architecture for neue meile böblingen

2018 national german sustainability award for wagnisart in cooperation with auböck+karasz, bogevischs buero and schindler/hable

2018 special award for excellent housing by the city of munich for wagnisart

2018 dam award for architecture for wagnisart in cooperation with auböck+karasz, bogevischs buero u. schindler/hable

2017 german award for landscape architecture "participation and planning" for wagnisart in cooperation with auböck+karasz

2017 german architecture award 2017 acknowledgement for wagnisart in cooperation with auböck+karasz, bogevischs buero and schindler/hable

2017 rethinking the future sustainability award for neue meile böblingen

2017 "beispielhaftes bauen" award by chamber of architecture baden-württemberg for neue meile böblingen

2017 nominated for "geplant+ausgeführt" of the bridge as an entrance to the campus of b&o wohnungsgruppe in bad aibling in upper bavaria

2017 gemeinde baukultur award ilzer land for campus grafenau

2016 german award for urban planning for wagnisart in cooperation with auböck+karasz, bogevischs buero and schindler/hable

2013 the best house for gemini+ wohnlandschaften wienerwald, architekturzentrum wien

2012 award winner of the bavarian academy of fine arts for f. otto

2009 scholarship of the academy of fine arts, berlin, department for architecture for t.baldauf

2008 margarete schütte-lihotzky scholarship for mt. okresek by the austrian ministry for education, art and culture for (L)OST LINKS

2008 createchpreis for the design concept s7 . expressway fürstenfelder (cooperation with g. strehle) by the austrian federal ministry of transport, innovation and technology

2004 special award for the contribution to the schinkelpreis 2004 of bauchplan ).( with h.böttger und j.drexler

2001 award for outreaching thesis by the association of german architects of bavaria for marie-theres okresek . thesis "sinneswandel - ein experiment an der alten zuschauertribüne in münchen-riem" at the department for landscape architecture and design . professor. c. valentien

exhibitions and installations

1/2018 *JOGJA VIENNA - Yo.v.A. young viennese architects, group exhibition at the jogja gallery, yogyakarta (IDN)

1/2017 mehr wohnen . wagnisART at the rathausgalerie as part of the annual exhibition of the planning department, munich (D)

12/2016 german award for urban development exhibition . wagnisART at plantreff munich (D)

03-06/2016 don't be afraid of participation . group exhibition with wagnisART cooperative housing in a participatory process
architecture museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, munich

04-10/2016 Stadt aus Stroh . Stadtentwicklungsgebiet München Freiham

07-12/2015 Yo.v.A. young viennese architects . Gruppenausstellung at Wiener Planungswerkstatt (A)

03-04/2014 bison priscus . stepp bison, transdisciplinary approach and prototypical strategies between public space and society, group exhibition with a. kraut, bavarian academy of fine arts, munich (d)

05-07/2013 wohnlandschaften wienerwald . in: the best house, exhibition on the occasion of the architecture award, architekturzentrum wien (a)

07-09/2012 grenzgänge . in: mut zur stadt - urban transformations . architecture gallery at weißenhof, stuttgart (d)

09/2011 pflücke deine stadt . bauchplan ).( guest at wonderland, platform for european architecture, blind date in the project space kaiserslautern (d)

10/2009 bee free . a contribution to discovering the neighbours in a united europe, within the nacht der revolte, academy of fine arts, pariser platz 1, berlin (d)

10-11/2008 (l)ost links . a borderline experience in the middle of europe, centre for the future, slavonice, (cz)

05/2006 paradiesgarten . part of the art festival soho in ottakring 2006 (a)

competitions and open procedures

städtebaulicher entwurf bregenz mitte (a), * studiovlaystreeruwitz, con.sens, 1. preis
parkway Patrick-Henry-Village Heidelberg (d), * con.sens, 3. preis
junges ufer bahnhofsquartier thun (ch), * berchtoldkrass, kontextplan, 1. preis

städtebaulicher entwurf ulap-quartier, berlin (d), * isss research, 1. preis
helmut-haller-platz, augsburg (d), 1. platz
sindelfinger kaskaden, neugestaltung marktplatz, sindelfingen (d), 3. preis
städtebaulicher wettbewerb am schlaatz, potsdam (d), preisgruppe
viktualienmarkt, behutsam, sanft und liebevoll, sanierung der aussenanlagen, münchen (d), 1. platz

post-city, stadttor und wohnquartier böblingen (D), IBA 2027 * hdg architekten, 2. preis
rahmenplan seestadt cottbus (D) * isss research, inik, kollektiv stadtsucht, 1. platz
STADTBAUPUZZLE berlin (D) * isss research 2. preis
quartiersplatz als schwamm; Reininghausplatz Graz (A); ankauf
idek füssen/schwangau (D), * berchtoldkrass, 1. platz
idek nördliches fichtelgebirge (D), * berchtoldkrass, 1. platz
Planungslabor Raumbilder Lausitz 2050 (D), * berchtoldkrass, Auswahl
Städtebaul. Wettbewerb Hufelandstraße München (D), * morrisandcompany, Kirchbergerwiegnerrhod, 1. preis
uferstadt, entwicklungskonzept für das packhof-areal brandenburg a.d. havel (d), *isss research, 1. preis

Kasernen-Konversion in urbanes bindeglied, Regensburg (D) * ISSS research Berlin; 1. preis
klimagerechte stadtentwicklung münchen-nordost (d) * orangeedge, rahm architects; anerkennung
strasse als bindeglied, lörrach (d) * berchtoldkrass, dwd ingenieure; anerkennung
masterplan mit gestaltungshandbuch campus reutlingen (d) 1. platz
neue mitte burghausen (d) 1. platz
leselandschaft stadtbibliothek mannheim (d), * studio corso/kofink schels; anerkennung
öpnv- und radweg-trasse ludwigsburg (d) * berchtold&krass u. TTK / brenner BERNARD, 1. platz
landwirtschaftspark iba heidelberg (d), * th. haase agrarökonom, 1. platz
klimaplatz zollhausplatz erlangen (d), *valentin maier ingenieure, 1. platz

fish and chips, hammersmith highline london (uk) 1. preis
bahnhofsplatz karlsruhe süd (d) * berchtoldkrass, dwd ingenieure; 1. preis
floschenstadion sindelfingen (d) * wegmüller 1. platz
gasometervorfeld wien (a), finalist
stadtbaustein citycenter böblingen (d) * kadawittfeld 2. preis
neue stadtmitte puchheim (d) * lbgo 3. preis
the future park, melbourne (aus), finalist
willybrandt-platz mannheim (d) 1. platz
helmut-haller-platz, augsburg (d) 1. platz
parkmeile feldmoching, münchen (d) 1. platz

park am hochbuckel ingolstadt (d) * 1. platz
ostpark landau (d) 1. platz
kleingartenkonzept karlsruhe (d) * berchtold+krass 1. platz
rahmenplanung dachsberg ingolstadt (d) * bogevisch buero 1. platz
stadtmauerpark schongau (d) 2. preis
überplattung s36 ortsdurchfahrten (a) 2. preis
bahnhofsplatz herrsching (d) 3. preis
ortszentrum feldkirchen (d) * lbgo 2. preis
wohnbebauung münchen freiham wa12 (d) * FAM + Kofink Schels 3. preis
knorr-areal münchen (d) * heninglarsen 1. preis

öffentliche räume unterstadt landau (d) 1. platz
kichplatz geisenhausen (d) 1. platz
bürgerpark puchheim (d) 1. platz
posthöfe rosenheim (d) * lbgo 2. preis
revitalisierung svratka flussufer brünn (cz) * ilex design 2. preis
kneipplandschaften firmenareal kneippgruppe ochsenfurth (d) * srap 2. preis

gestaltungskonzept bodenseestraße münchen (D) 1. platz
realschulcampus au (d) 1. platz
wohnpark gebersdorf (d) * eyland 07, thomas brat, raum3architekten 2. preis
nachverdichtung wohnsiedlung isarstrasse erlangen (d) * fischer_z architekten 3. preis
wohnhof paul-gerhardt-allee münchen (d) * dezwartehond 2. preis
sanierung und erweiterung der staats- und stadtbibliothek augsburg (d) * klein + sänger architektengmbh, friedrich poerschke zwink 2. preis
ausstellungskonzept österreich pavillon expo2017 astana (kz) * raumspielkunst, blue minds 4. preis

landesgartenschau kremsmünster 2017 (a) 2. preis
gestaltungskonzept stadtautobahn linz (a) 2. preis

veloroute brig visp (ch) * k. bachmeier 2. preis
neubau tierheim neufahrn (d) * eyland 07 3. preis
umbau schulzentrum schramberg (d) * eyland 07 3. preis

wohnbau lazarettgürtel graz (a) * hopfwieser/tschöll 2. preis
bahnhofsstrasse markt murnau (d) * AL1 architektinnen 3. preis
neue meile böblingen . kooperatives workshopverfahren zur gestaltung der bahnhofsstrasse böblingen (d) als fussgängerzone 1. preis
krankenpflegeschule wilhelminenspital wien (a) * share architects 2. preis
energielandschaften s34. traisentalschnellstrasse niederösterreich (a) 1. preis ex aequo

gutachterverfahren erlebnisbrauerei mit integrierter landwirtschaft, oberösterreich (a) * tourismusdesign 1. preis
gleisharfe neuaubing. ideenwettbewerb für das areal der gleisharfe in münchen neuaubing (d) * meili,peter 1. preis

stadtplätze erlenmatt, künftiges quartier am containerbahnhof basel (ch) 3. preis
wohnlandschaften am kapuzinerberg, schallmoos, salzburg (a) * lechner-lechner-schallhammer 2. preis
eine choreographie für die annenstrasse, graz (a) * y.oshima, rosinak 3. preis

agropolis . interdisziplinäreren ideenwettbewerbs open scale, münchen . * j. schröder, k. weigert. 1. preis
sportcampus . erweiterung des sportsparks chur, graubünden (ch) . * olk.ruf architekten . 1. preis
stadtteilpuzzle . wettbewerb zur gestaltung des eigerplatzes in bern (ch) . *rosinak u. y.oshima . 2. preis

nearest neighbour . städtebauliches konzept bad radkersburg (a) und gornja radgona (si). * r. micheller . 1. preis
nearest neighbour . freiraumkonzept bad radkersburg (a) und gornja radgona (si) . * r. micheller . 2. preis
windlandschaften . objekt- und landschaftsgestaltung s3 weinviertler schnellstrasse . 3. preis
geladener wohnbauwettbewerb aglassingerstrasse in salzburg . * schallhammer lechner. 1. preis
wettbewerb zum ersatzneubau eines pflegeheimes. lauf an der pegnitz . * r. rissland . 2. preis

realisierungswettbewerb zur objekt- und landschaftsgestaltung der S7 schnellstrasse . steiermark . * eis . 1. preis
realisierungswettbewerb trassengestaltung der s 36 schnellstrasse . steiermark . * einszueinsarchitektur . 3. preis
realisierungswettbewerb philharmonie in skopje . mazedonien . * rissland und gordon . 3. preis
städtebaulicher wettbewerb wohnen gemeinde wolkersdorf . niederösterreich . * feuer . 2. preis

projektwettbewerb grünraum brünnen . bern . ch . 1. preis
ideenwettbewerb grünraum brünnen . bern . ch . 3. preis
realisierungswettbewerb wohnen und reiten breitenbrunn . allgäu . d . * bemde 1.preis
gutachterverfahren wohnbau kaiserebersdorfer strasse . wien . a . * eis 1. preis

wohnbau-wettbewerb waldeggstrasse . linz . * x-arch 1. preis
realisierungswettbewerb landesgartenschau rosenheim 2010. 2005 3. preis
realisierungswettbewerb kindergarten . landsberg a. lech. 2005 3. preis
neuen donaulandschaften . realisierungswettbewerb a22 donauufer-autobahn . wien . *eis 2. preis

bewerbungsverfahren volksschulerweiterung sittendorf . niederösterreich . *AL1 2. platz

geschäftsstelle südwestmetall gutachterverfahren . heilbronn . * asw 1. preis
altstadtlücke pfleghof städtebaulicher wb . t übingen . * asw . 1. preis


with great passion we are engaged for years in teaching and appreciate the academic discourse. shifting between design based research and research based design is one of our daily principles. between 2016-2018 f. otto was guest professor for landscape aesthetics/design at the university of kassel. we have been working as assistance professors and lecturers in scientific and artistic fields for following universities:
tu munich, chair of professor valentien and chair of professor reichenbach-klinke, akademie of fine arts, chair of professor auböck, university of munich, university of weihenstephan, tu vienna, tu graz, chair for architecture and landscape, the university of natural resources and life sciences, vienna und the eth zurich, chair of professor vogt.

talks and lectures

06/2023 urban space made for the future, week of architectural culture, architektur-auflauf, bad kreuznach

06/2023 key note speech - cooling climate oases, bavarian cities during the climate change, zsk fachsymposium, munich

05/2023 act now! insights into daily operations, afb, bsla, baden-württemberg

03/2023 there comes a time, where wishing helps, ost, bsla, sia, rapperswil

01/2023 form follows climate, climate resilient urban development, bdla site management bochum

01/2023 50 years critics on growth, wachstumskritik, discourse on ecology of the 1970s, ögfa vienna

12/2022 form follows climate. climate resilient urban development, vh Architektur, ulm

10/2022 sustainability in practice - a call for action, ECAP, EU-conference on architecture and building culture, prague

10/2022 designing sustainable transformation, architekturforum passau

10/2022 building without limits, how can we redesign architectural culture? LAMA, ig-architektur vienna

10/2022 designing sustainable transformation, conference on sustainability and climate adaptation in landscape architecture, bdla munich

09/2022 zollhausplatz erlangen, lfu inssbruck

09/2022 act now! a call to action from bauchplan ).(, 15. federal congress for urban developement, berlin

06/2022 bumble-flight-triology, the city and its experiement, golkante bochum

05/2022 climate change as a design challenge - an approach to landscape-architecure in the anthropocene, rcc, münchen

05/2022 new multicoded and resilient urban spaces, skgbc green building summit 2022, bratislava

04/2022 glück auf! what comes after coal? with studio kontextplan and berchtoldkrass space&options, technical university vienna

04/2022 let it (d)rain, insights into ongoing sponge-city projects, Cuneo

04/2022 implementation factors for the transformation process of social-ecological systems in climate change, master classes "planning and implementation", osnabrück

11/2021 act now! a call to action from bauchplan ).(, master lectures 21/22 münster

10/2021 sponge city model using the example of the southern train station square in karlsruhe, dwa baden-württemberg dwa landesverbandstagung baden-württemberg

10/2021 climate bridge conference, climate institute, rudgers university, new jersey

10/2021 landscape design with patrick and frank riklin, atelier für sonderaufgaben, swiss university rapperswil

09/2021 unsere hauptstraße markt erlbach, architectouren 2021, 50 years bavarian chamber of architects, aeg, nuremberg

08/2021 inbetween - in the middle, PLANT woman international, female icons in landscape architecture

06/2021 how does a city develop, hosted by johannes ernst at tu darmstadt, symposium wohnen+

05/2021 harvesting the city. rediscovering harvesting in everyday urban life, hafencity-university hamburg

03/2021 overcoming borders, interreg-symposium austria-bavaria

01/2021 future city. neue meile böblingen, 50 years of urban development funding, network conference baden-württemberg

11/2019 open space and quality of live in compact urban city districts, workshop with experts by wüstenrotstiftung, stuttgart (d)

06/2019 art and interimistic use as participatory planning, tu munich (d)

05/2019 from the idea to realization, annual conference for urban development 2019, miesbach (d)

04/2019 how to meet the city, real corp 2019, kit institute of technology karlsruhe

03/2019 socia ecological urban design, inside vectorworks, designwerkschau, münchen

11/2018 thinking munich ahead, architekturgalerie im bunker, munich

10/2018 make a wish, garden culture in transition, austrian society for landscape architecture, st.pölten

09/2018 future city europe, es kommt die zeit in der das wünchen wieder hilft, daad symposium, gaggenau-bad rotenfels, (d)

09/2018 wagnis art -participation and planning, southern stars, association of german landscape architects, garden and landscape cosntruction fair, nuremberg

09/2018 futre city europe - make a wish, daad seminary, gaggenau-bad rotenfels (d)

03/2018 #überbilder - a snapshot of our socienty. talk with nikolaus geyrhalter, bavarian chamber of architekture, munich (d)

03/2018 archikon, potential sustainability, chamber of architects baden-würtemberg (d)

12/2017 design methods in landscape architecture, universität stuttgart (d)

09/2017 railway station street böblingen, (RE) ACTIVATE, architekten- und planertag 2017, büdelsdorf near hamburg

09/2017 at home on the road, lecture and panel discussion, conference of women architects baden-württemberg, stuttgart

06/2017 fusion #überORTE, part of the series fusion, positions of architecture, city and landscape, Kassel

09/2017 (re)activate - actions for the revitalisation of public spaces, architects- and plannersday, büdelsdorf (d)

01/2017 art inbetween, akademie der bildenden künste, munich (d)

09/2016 neue meile böblingen. participation, prototypic design and appropriation, eurau 2016, bucharest

07/2016 transforming identity, university of weihenstephan (d)

04/2016 bee free at tasting landscape, 53rd IFLA world congress, turino

02/2016 infrastructure as landscape/landscape as infrastructure, bergen

02/2016 harvest your city, NLA norske landskabsarkitekter forening, bergen

02/2016 transforming identity, technical university of rapperswil

02/2016 searching for the specific in daily life, technical university of kaiserslautern

02/2016 looking for public sphere, callwey Verlag, zukunftstadt@grünbau, bautec berlin

11/2015 prototypical design processes, young viennese architects (Yo.V.A.), wiener planungswerkstatt vienna

05/2014 the city park in the 21 century - expectations and visions, panel discussion, wien museum, vienna

05/2014 topography is landscape is architecture, technical university of munich

11/2013 habitual city landscapes, technical university of nürnberg

01/2013 landscape as a strategy, guest lecture at the university of stuttgart, chair for urbanism

12/2012 housing landscapes, guest lecture eth wohnforum eth case

11/2012 bearable utopia, university of munich, chair for urbanism

07/2012 grenzgänger, kick-off for the contribution to the exhibition mut zur stadt - urbane transformationen, architekturgalerie am weißenhof, stuttgart

05/2011 landschaften im bauch, projects in rural contexts, neue scheune, fail im feld, architekturkommunikation lower austria

04/2011 landscape production, bauhaus university, weimar

04/2011 urban landscapes - urban agriculture, technical university of vienna, chair for urbanism

06/2010 agropolis munich, the idea of a strategic urban renewal, chair for urbanism, university of innsbruck

03/2010 landscape as a principle, technical university of munich, master studies climate design

01/2010 phaenomenon based design, bergische universität wuppertal

01/2010 bee free border landscapes, interdisciplinary seminar for the building division (isb), technical university of munich

2006 - 2009 lectures within the seminar „pairi-daeza“ eth zurich

10/2009 bee-free long nights of the museums, academy of fine arts, berlin

11/2009 (l)ostlinks, a boderline experience in the middle of europe, center of the future, slavonice, slovakia

06/2009 nature of the city, designing and building with plants, eth zurich

05/2009 phaenomenon landsape, academy of fine arts, young academy, berlin

05/2009 bee-free, austrian cultural institute, ljubljana

04/2009 borderland, technical university of munich

04/2009 landscape architecture and housing construction, university of weihenstephan

05/2009 bauchlandscapes, technical university of vienna and university of innsbruck

11/2008 urban strategies, eco-uni-city symposium, university of genova, italy

06/2008 landsape production, technical university of munich

11/2007 phenomenon, searching for the specific in daily life, university of rapperswil

06/2007 inventing landscapes, at the symposium: development of mountain regions, university of coruna, spain

06/2007 landscape as a process, technical university of munich

2007-2009 housing landscapes 1-3, eth zurich, chair of dietmar eberle

11/2007 phenomenon, showcase at the technical university, rapperswil, swizzerland

09/2007 ecoustics and space, design potential of remaining areas in traffic, building division, technical university of munich

06/2007 phenomenon - searching for the specific in daily life, architektur in progress, vienna

05/2007 inventing landscapes, conference hinterland . the reinvention of rural contexts, on transformations of moutain regions e.t.s.a. coruña, spain

11/2005 building gap, showcase within the series mut zur lücke, university of coburg, germany

06/2005 looking for public sphere, sociological and spacial considerations to a changing public sphere, technical university, institute for urban- spacial- and landscape architecture, chair for planning and building in rural space, univ.-prof. matthias reichenbach-klinke

05/2005 concept and shape, from idea to reality, lecture within the guest lecturing at the chair for landscpae architecture and public space, technical university of munich

03/2005 spaces of possibilities munich - on chrystallisation points in public life in open space, lecture within the guest lecturing at the chair for landscpae architecture and public space, technical university of munich

10/2004 landscape urbanism, transformed urban-land-scapes, lecture within the herbsttagung of the bavarian academy rural space and the bavarian chamber of architects in eichstätt